US Cyber Command Technical Outreach Division


Technical Outreach Division

Using modern data science techniques, the Athena Cyber Knowledge Management System (KMS) helps  users discover, investigate, and match requested capabilities with organizations that can provide them.

our mission

The mission of the Technical Outreach Division is to engage with the military services, industry, research community, academia, and the rest of government, in order to discover capabilities for the Cyber Mission Force, to enable U.S. Cyber Command’s operational mission.¬†

about The tech outreach division :


The Front Door To USCYBERCOM

Technical Outreach is the front door of U.S. Cyber Command for interaction with external stakeholders for the purpose of cyber capability development and acquisition.


Fueled by Discovery & helping the warfighter

Our goal is to discover cutting edge solutions for the hardest problems facing the Cyber Mission Force and to facilitate delivery of those solutions to the warfighter.


How We do it

Some of it we do internally by conducting focused research in an open environment in the DreamPort facility in Columbia, MD. The research is done in collaboration with the J9 Applied Research and Development Division and other key stakeholders.

Command Challenge Problems

Command Technical Problems

We have developed a list of Technical Challenge Problems that distills the most critical Cyber Command capability needs in order to share not only with cyber component commands of the individual military services, but with all levels of industry, the nation’s research community, academia, and the rest of government.

If you believe you have a solution for any of the command’s top capability needs, please reach out to us.

Please fill out the form below to view Command Challenge Problems:

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