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Capable Organizations at your finger tips

With Athena, you can discover, investigate, and match your requested capabilities with organizations that can provide them.


Every day new organizations emerge claiming to possess certain capabilities and resources that address our customer’s needs. Using modern data science techniques, the Athena Cyber Knowledge Management System (KMS) facilitates capability acquisition decisions by helping users discover, investigate, and match requested capabilities with organizations that can provide them.

Welcome to Athena

The Athena interface has a familiar and intuitive design that can be quickly learned by any user.

Search at Ease

The Search Bar works just like an internet search engine (e.g., Google). Text populated in the search field initiates a text search that attempts to find matches with Athena data.

Update Data for Filtered Search

A common function in various Athena tabs is the ability to view and update data, such as artifacts. Therefore, this task will often be a regular part of your searches and other activities.

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